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If you have a website, then you have goals that you want your visitors to accomplish.

We add tags to analyse funnels to see what’s giving the best conversion rate, such as an email sign-up, purchase or telephone call to a salesperson. We identify funnel sources and onsite problems like bottlenecks, bounces and page exits to spot what needs improving and what channels are candidates for further investment and what channels to perhaps stop wasting time and money on.

Once onsite anomalies are pinned down we use a combination of …..

  • Content experiments
  • Multi-variate analysis
  • A/B testing

…..  to achieve the best combination to pull users through the sales channel – It’s all about increasing your bottom line and giving your visitors a better experience.

Its not unusual for publishers to see a 20-35% increase in site conversions purely by modifying a number of minor on-site elements.

Our individually qualified Google Analytics expert works on a day rate basis at your premises, this enables us to swiftly appreciate your business goals, set KPI’s, enable tracking and mentor members of your staff on using analytics to maximise conversions and improve customer experience.